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I just entered the Sample Battle competition, which is part of the Hip Hop competition here on Newgrounds. You can listen to ithere

And Big Red's page is here

Review my WIP

2010-06-10 06:37:41 by Tilkanuts

I'm currently working on a new song called Inspiration, you can listen to it here:

<a> ten/339187<a>

Don't be afraid to drop a review. :)

OMW back

2009-11-17 23:19:01 by Tilkanuts

Well my computer with all of my VST's, samples, effects, and songs stopped working for the past 2 months so i haven't really written much. I have a laptop, so i've just started to get my vst's and samples back and i'd say i have about 75% of my stuff i had on my computer on to my laptop.

Haven't been to motivated to write music lately. Was planning on doing an album til my computer went out on me :( But thanks to EssenceofTrance for helping me out a bit, I've been a little more motivated in making music again on my laptop.

Sorry for the hiatus Newgrounders :( i only because im working on an album. Don't worry, when i finally do get to submitting again i will try to do it in bunches! Thanks for all of your support newgrounds!

- Tilky


2009-08-24 09:54:48 by Tilkanuts

Everything i submitted before 2009 is composed with a really really REALLY crappy outdated program called Soundclub. I was then introduced to FL Studio in the middle of May, 2009 and have been using it ever since. As you can tell (that is, if you have listened to my music) i still have a LOT to learn, especially since i have only been making music with FL studio for 4 measley months. If any of the masters on here have any tips for me, i would be most appreciative!