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2009-08-24 09:54:48 by Tilkanuts

Everything i submitted before 2009 is composed with a really really REALLY crappy outdated program called Soundclub. I was then introduced to FL Studio in the middle of May, 2009 and have been using it ever since. As you can tell (that is, if you have listened to my music) i still have a LOT to learn, especially since i have only been making music with FL studio for 4 measley months. If any of the masters on here have any tips for me, i would be most appreciative!


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2009-09-11 20:52:34

no advice but ur music rocks


2009-09-12 22:07:21

Your stuff is awesome.


2009-09-14 08:02:14

I recon your music is very good actually, love the panic series